Customer Support everyday dashboard

This is our everyday support dashboard.

What’s this dashboard for?
Monitoring our key support metrics namely CSAT and FRT

What information is on this dashboard, and where does it come from?
This dashboard focuses on CSAT and (median) FRT. That’s why both these metrics are up on the left (where you normally start looking/reading a dashboard). Other that these metrics we have a contextual metric which is “New conversations” that helps explaining why FRT is what it is. For example, maybe FRT tie today is rather high, but we’ve also had a peak in the number of conversations that justifies it (if that’s not the case then, it could be worth digging. Perhaps a team member is OOO?).
We also have two metrics to make sure queues are taken care of. In case we missed Intercom’s sound alert or we weren’t looking at the queues for a bit. It will highlight if some chats are still unassigned.
Lastly we have UK’s clock as our team is entirely distributed and we normally set times based on UK’s time (as that’s our HQ’s time). That helps clarifying in case of doubt (or if Google Calendar fails translating to local time :wink:)

How has the dashboard evolved over time?
I guess the metrics were always there one way or another, the main change has been adjusting the timeframes. We decided to go fro shorter periods (ie. one week or two weeks) to prevent obscuring the results. For example, we found that comparing this week to the previous one for chats volume was much better than comparing to average this month or same week last year (and interestingly also easier to implement).

What does this dashboard achieve?
It’s main purpose is keeping everyone in the team in the loop of our key support metrics: CSAT and FRT and our performance against them.

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