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Feature Request: Delete a dataset via web GUI


As a Geckoboard admin I’d like to be able to delete datasets via the GUI of the webpage instead of copy pasting the dataset IDs from web GUI into an API application that deletes it for me then.
BTW, it’s not even possible to copy paste a dataset name from the widget creation page, I have to type it off the screen, because as soon as I try to highlight the dataset ID and release the mouse button, it jumps into the widget visualisation screen.


Hi again @gitlech,

This is definitely on our radar as something we’d like to offer - we also find it frustrating that we aren’t able to delete datasets via the user interface or access the full list of datasets within the account via, for example, the admin menu.

I’ve raised this again with the product team as something to look into but I don’t have an expected timeframe for this to be investigated.