Graphite Query Integration



Has anyone plugged a graphite query onto geckoboard?

Looking to use the standard HTTP query to plug into geckoboard or perhaps the json format.


Hi Stewart,

Do you mean putting a Graphite endpoint into Geckoboard’s custom widgets? Or if you mean something different, could you explain further? In any case, I’d be glad to give a hand with the Geckoboard side of things, though I’m not that familiar with Graphite.



Yes I was looking to present a graphite line graph in a geckoboard widget by supplying the graphite query URL as json or csv or whatever is easiest.


Thanks for clarifying that! I’m afraid though that it won’t work so directly. That is, the Geckoboard widget expects a format as outlined here – – and the output from the Graphite query would need to match that format. Usually the way people do this is to have an app that sits in the middle: it receives the data from the remote API and transforms it into the format that the Geckoboard widget expects. If you’d like to give that a try I’d be glad to advise further!