Initiate `max_y_axis` via APIs



I am trying to define max_y_axis for a customized line chart widget. However, couldn’t find the proper content in

Before the y-axis was auto. adaptive, I believe that the recent update exposed the options to users, namely Y-axis minimun/maximum (optional) at the widget GUI.

It is appreciated if someone can let me know how can I add this piece of info. for a API payload.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @yshen!

Thanks for posting and raising this here! :slight_smile: That’s a good catch! We did make changes and our line chart no longer dynamically adjusts the Y-Axis range based on the data values. The Y-Axis will now always begin at 0 by default.

It’s only possible to change the Y-Min and Y-Max values by editing the widget from the UI. It’s not possible to dynamically set those values via the API.


We made these changes and also don’t allow setting Y-Min and Max via the API for the following reasons:

  • We believe it’s a bad practice in most use cases to have the Y-Axis not begin at 0 as it exaggerates trends. For example, if the Y-Axis is set from 100,000 - 103,000, then relatively small fluctuations will result in big changes in the graph.

  • Having a Y-Axis that dynamically changes every time the data changes also makes it harder to spot trends and identify whether something has gone wrong. To explain with an example again, when the line dips towards the bottom of the graph — it’s then difficult to quickly understand whether the trend is getting really low or if it’s just a small dip? You’d need to physically walk over to the graph and read the axis to find out. As our goal is provide dashboards that can be quickly and easily consumed from wall-mounted TV screens, we want to avoid that.

  • Dynamically changing the Y-Axis scale is a bit risky as it can lead to trends being missed. For example, if the data dips but as the Y-Axis gets adjusted as well, the downward trend would be displayed with a more flatter line than it if the axis remained the same, and that could be misleading.


I hope this makes sense Yan. Do let me know if you have any further questions about this.

I’ve also shared your suggestion with our team. We’ll keep a close eye on any similar requests. I really appreciate that you took the time to share it with us.



hey Hariharan, thanks for the clarification here, it makes great sense for me.

Expecting if geckoboard could have the advanced solution to handle the auto. scaling for all chart base widgets.

thanks again,


I’m happy you found the details helpful @yshen ! :slight_smile:

Auto-scaling for line charts is not something we’ll be enabling again, I’m afraid. As I mentioned, I’ve made a note of your request internally and also shared it within our team. We’ll be sure to keep it in mind for the future and will also keep an eye out for similar requests.

Feel free to ping us if there’s any thing else we can help with, Yan!