MixPanel Gecko > Master Property Config for all widgets?


Hi all - does anyone know if it’s possible to have a master property config switch for a Gecko? You have N number of widgets in your dashboard, they all refer to a consistent MixPanel property that is used across your MixPanel events. This master config setting at the dashboard level would change that property value for all widgets on the board that have it, based off what the end user of the GeckoBoard chose. Thanks, Brian


Hey Brian,

Thanks for asking about this! It’s something that we’ve heard before, but I’m afraid it’s not something we have any plans to implement in the near future - but maybe sometime. That said, it’d be useful to know more about why this is useful for you as it may change our motivation :slight_smile:


Thanks Jason.

Say I have an app in the market and I have multiple “skins” of it out there, all using the same fundamental platform/system. Each skin points MixPanel events to the same MixPanel project. There is one thing that changes between the various skins, and that would be this master property setting. So in the dashboard I could compare/contrast easily how these different “skins” are performing. For instance, say I had an event capturing an app setup event; I could compare the # of skin A app setups vs the # of skin B app setups.

Perhaps in a v1 its not even a “geckoboard dashboard user setting”, but a feature given to geckoboard admins who are setting up the dashboard. So if we wanted to copy/paste an entire dashboard, we could do this and control that one key variable via the admin control master setting (if that makes any sense).

Let me know if this helps clarify. Thanks, Brian


Hey Brian,

Actually, that isn’t very far off from what we’ve talked about doing, so thanks for explaining that further. The idea of having a dashboard ‘template’ where settings applied to all widgets across it would be useful indeed. All that said… I’m afraid we don’t have a timeline when this would be available!

I do appreciate again you explaining and bringing this up. Feel free to share any further feedback or ideas you have :slight_smile: