Simple label widget?


Having multiple boards it would be nice if I could have a simple label widget to give some info on the current board. I mean I guess I could use the text widget and just push some HTML to it once, but a simple static widget would be very useful.


Hi @ScottBeeson!

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Are you looking to do something like the ‘Marketing’ header widget here -

You can use our ‘regular’ Text widget in the full-width size to achieve this. You can find the steps here.

You can also modify the width using some custom CSS to suit your requirements. Here’s an example dashboard using two half-width Text widgets to add context:

The custom CSS used is:

#widget-16584142, #widget-16584154 {
    width: 710px !important;

You can find how to target specific widgets using custom CSS in our video here (at about 8:30 mins).

Hope this helps! Let me know if you were looking for something else.


No idea how I didn’t see that before. It’s exactly what I need. Thanks.