as a dashboard in Geckoboard


Is there a way to show in Geckoboard?
This would help us to provide operational status for our cloud services directly on a tv with enough player.


Hey @avshch I apologize for the delayed response here.

We don’t at this time have a pre-built integration, but it definitely is possible to integrate into Geckoboard using Geckoboard’s Datasets platform [1] (or legacy Custom widgets [2]) and Statuspage’s API [3].

You would need to build a service that sends a request to the Statuspage API for the data you’d like, then formats the data to match the format of the Dataset schema you’ve defined, or the Custom widget payload, and then sends that data to Geckoboard. Many people do this in e.g. Node, Ruby, Python – whatever language they’re comfortable in really.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this or anything else Geckoboard related!