Support for programmatic dashboard creation


Hey guys,

So I’m using Geckoboard at my work for an international Fortune Global 500 company , where we are looking into using it to monitor production infrastructure.

I like the interface a lot, I love the ability to push data to the widgets and the Beta API is okay as well.

My problem is this: We are going to need a solution through which we can very rapidly generate these dashboards on the fly in response to programmatic events.

Are there any plans on the radar for programmatic dashboard creation, something like what Datadog currently supports? Meaning where I can create/delete dashboards and/or add/delete widgets from the dashboards?

If so what’s the rough timeline on the feature? If not, I’m curious as to whether it’s been considered, and if so, perhaps why it was ruled out?

Anyway, keep up the great work, really hope to see this feature.


Hey @bitshark,

Thanks for asking about this! It’s definitely something we have in mind, and something we might do in the future, but we aren’t sure yet when, as we haven’t seen a huge demand for this and we’re prioritizing other areas.


Understood , though you might be surprised there’s more interest than you think.

My suggestion would be, rather than offer a top-to-bottom dashboard management API, how about just offer users a way to serialize and de-serialize a dashboard from JSON or YML? You guys must represent it internally in JSON or YML, right?

This is how Datadog does it, and it works great. This also means you really only need a small handful of API endpoints to implement the functionality, and where each endpoint just takes the JSON that represents the state of the dashboard. With the API stuff , simpler is always better

I’m disappointed to hear that’s it’s not on the radar, but we’ll figure out it. . We may have to write something for this sort of functionality. Thanks


Hey @bitshark, sorry for the delay in my reply. You may be right there about the interest in programmatic creation of dashboards etc., though overall we’re focusing right now on two areas - getting data into Geckoboard (integrations, our new Datasets API, etc.) and improving the quality of the dashboard on display (e.g.

That said, I realize that it’d be good to know more about why you’re after this. That is, what situation are you in that requires that kind of functionality, would greatly benefit from it? :slight_smile: