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Thousand Separator and Decimal Separator



I’m having problems with decimal separator and thousand separator.
Decimal separator is a comma and thousand separator is a point in the Netherlands. But Geckoboard goes wrong.

for example:

  • Geckoboard shows 121,000.00 (thousand separator is a comma and Decimal separator is a point)
  • Output expected, 121.000,00 (Decimal separator is a comma and thousand separator is a point)



Could abbreviating add more clarity in this case?


Nope. Already set to None and we don’t use K, M, B in the Netherlands. I want to show 7.400,00 instead of 7,400.00 on a Geck-o-meter.

Is it possible to change that?


The number formatting is determined by the locale of your own browser/machine, are you seeing this on only one machine or when displaying it on a TV? Can you please make sure that the browser’s locale (of the machine displaying it this way) is set to the Netherlands. Here you’ll find how to do it in Chrome for example