Tools and plugins for importing data into spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are more powerful than you think. We’re gathering a collection of tools, tips and tactics for using a humble Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet to collect or manipulate useful data, which you can then add to your dashboard.


Use Zapier to pull data into your spreadsheet from from 3rd party services such as TypeForm, Asana, Airtable, Xero and more.


Supermetrics is another easy-to-use tool for pulling data into a spreadsheet from 3rd parties, with more of a focus on marketing tools like AdRoll, Optimizely, Quora and Twitter Ads.


Parabola is a no-code solution for importing, analysing and cleaning data. They have a range of ‘recipes’ for sending data to Google Sheets here, and this article covers how to use Parabola to import data from any API into Google Sheets.


Integromat allows you to create advanced automations between different data sources such as Drift, Eventbrite, Front, Unbounce, and Gmail. A number of templates make it easy to begin creating flows that cover use cases from software development to sales.

Google Sheets Add-ons

Google Sheets has its own directory of add-ons, power-ups and integrations which you can browse and add directly from within Google Sheets itself. To check these out, open a Google Sheet and click ‘Add-ons’ and then ‘Get add-ons’ in the main menu.

Excel Add-ins

Similarly, Excel can be extended using a range of add-ins, which for the most part need to be downloaded and run from your PC in order to work. For more information on how these work, see Microsoft’s help article on these, or check out this post listing 50 useful add-ins.


Import structured data from a web page into a Google Sheet, using Google Sheets’ ImportXML function.


Google Sheets has a dedicated function for importing securities data from Google Finance into a sheet - GOOGLEFINANCE.

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