Using Geckoboard with 4k display (16 columns) [UPDATED]


Here in PicPay we bought a 4k TV so we could use more widgets on Geckoboard (we have a lot of custom widgets), but at the moment I was setting it up I realized that there’s no more than 8 columns available. At first I contacted them, but they don’t support larger screens yet. So I made a simple tweak. Since the 4k width is exactly 2 times the fullhd width and Geckoboard doesn’t limit the 2 times height, I made a simple app to open two dashboards side-by-side without borders. So now I have a 16 columns dashboard! :smiley:
We had an unused mac mini, so I made it work with 4k at 26Mhz using SwitchResX (requires Mac OS X 10.8.5). I was going to do the tweak with html, but I decided to use Xcode to don’t waste time. To work on OS 10.8.5 I had to use the Xcode 5.
Maybe someday I’ll replace the mac mini with Raspberry Pi, so I’ll have to do the tweak in HTML or some other GUI tool. If I change it, I’ll update here.

You can find the code at my Github




HTML side-by-side…


* { margin:0; padding: 0; } iframe{ float:left; width: 50%; height: 100%; } `

Change widget background color based on value
9 column 2160px

Hey Diogo, thanks for sharing this! It’s great as well that you were able to offer it as HTML – after Kev had showed me what you’d created I’d wanted to see how using the iframes in HTML would work!


Hi @iDiogo, have you tried our “Scale to fit display when full screen” feature? It should natively support 4K TV screens :slight_smile:


But what I really needed was a 16 column board, not just scale do fit screen. This little HTML hack solved the problem.


Fair point. The new feature does the trick for dashboards with up to 8 columns like the one on your original post

but I see now that you are after a different use case. Thanks for clarifying.