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Customers are always asking us what other customers are doing in Geckoboard and how are they getting data which isn’t readily available using our current range of widgets onto their dashboards. Find out for yourself! Jump into our developer community to meet other Geckoboard and IT pros just like yourself. In the community you can get real-world advice, ask questions, learn best practices, share apps, and optimize your dashboards! You can benefit from the collective experience of our users. And you can meet some of our amazing customers in the process.

Learn how to unlock Geckoboard’s API and how to create the dashboard you have dreamed of.

If you’re a developer, you can get data onto your dashboard through our API. For example, you can create a widget that shows the current Bitcoin exchange rate using the API instead of using a native integration. The API lets you create any of our visualisations with your own custom data.

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Hi everyone!

I’ll start the introduction ball rolling with an introduction of myself: my name is Luis Hernandez and I’m Geckoboard’s VP of Customer Success. My team and I oversee customer service, customer training and customer education at Geckoboard. Here’s a link to a (slightly outdated) blog-post with more info about myself, my team and my role at Geckoboard.

My job here will be to moderate the forums, review flagged posts, and occasionally to step in and join the conversation every now and then when it’s needed. I’ll do my best to help in any way that I can!

See you around!



Aloha everyone! :slight_smile:

My name is Jason (you can find me on GitHub as jasonmendes) and I am part of both the Customer Success and Engineering/Integrations teams at Geckoboard. What this role means in my day to day is that I relate with customers and help them accomplish what they’d like to do in Geckoboard, as well as helping to identify (and fix!) things when they aren’t working as they should (or could?).

I’m so glad to see this forum happen, as I hope it will inspire collaboration, sharing of resources…

if you aren’t yet a developer but want some help getting started, welcome :slight_smile: )

Custom widgets are one of Geckoboard’s most powerful offerings. I am quite excited to be able to offer projects that I have created with and for them to you all, as well as to see what you all have created!

I’m available here to help you with development for custom widgets so that you and your team can easily get any data you want onto your Geckoboard dashboards.

In that regard I’d like to introduce you to a few projects that I’ve done (which I invite you to fork or submit PRs to!):


Hi everyone … great to see this forum starting up … we use customer widgets at Nortlander to give us a live view of our sales position (we sell ski holidays in Scandinavia) … I’m looking forward to seeing us push customer widgets forward together.


Hi, Calvin here from Envoc. We write beautiful software here in Louisiana.

We use the pants off GeckoBoard by creating our own custom dashboards using the API and custom widgets. Our clients think we are superstars and we use GeckoBoard internally to make sure our systems are working, our website is being viewed, our people are logging their time, and our company is profitable.

How we use GeckoBoard Widgets
Internally, we use AxoSoft OnTime to manage our software and design projects and time entries of our team both internal and for clients. The backend data is stored in SQL Server but is accessible via AxoSoft OnTime API. We have SQL Server Jobs that run periodically checking for missing or incorrect time entries and various analytics which we then pull using GeckoBoard Widgets. Our Analytics service is a home-grown ASP.NET MVC app which works with either the SQL Server directly or the published API of OnTime. I did a quick video overview of our work here that includes GeckoBoard integration.

I would love to see drill-down widgets, hyperlinked widgets, and even a live-video feed widget. We are a .NET, Agile, Disciplined software development company that does not outsource, if you are interested.


Thanks for starting up this forum. We are very excited to check out your npm module. Our backend is all node.js so hopefully this will make it easier for us to do more custom integrations into Geckoboard.

We are an experiential marketing production agency. What that means is that we build the software and creative that supports marketing for Fortune 500 brands at events such as IndyCar, Superbowl, etc. We primarily use Geckboard to monitor some of our backend processes, and also to make custom dashboards for our clients to monitor event metrics in realtime.



Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin Roulleau.

I’m a QA engineer with medium dev skills, but more importantly I’m a true data enthusiast. I have been working in Paris (I’m french) for about 6-7 years now.

As a QA person I find that it’s important to make people aware of what’s going on with the business. In many companies this is often done through the emailing of weekly reports, but I believe the dashboard way is far more effective, especially when using agile methodology.

I’m currently working in a rather big french media group called Webedia.

As I’m not a full time dev, I’ll probably be more a tips consummer rather than a person that will make pull requests.
I’m also very interested in the non technical challenges that arise when starting a geckoboard project in a company. It seems not everyone shares an enthusiasm for data and dashboards as I do :wink:



Hi, I’m Abe Duarte, Chief Analytics Officer at Bunny Inc. www.bunnyinc.com

We started using Geckoboards when I was Head of Finance, I wanted people to be able to see sales numbers on the boards at the office. In a two day effort we coded an API to send Highchart data to the boards directly from a slave database. It’s what we still use to show our numbers in the company.

I’m thinking of sharing the code so that you guys can help us improve it. Open source it!

Anyways, if anybody has questions just drop me a line at abe [at} bunnyinc.com or just ask in the forums.



Hello! I’m Ajay, an engineer at TinyRx. We provide on-demand prescription delivery services.

I got us set up on Geckoboard very early on to monitor web traffic, conversion funnel data from Mixpanel, and advertising spend. Since then, I’ve expanded our dashboards to contain custom widgets for various internal metrics such as deliveries completed per day, deliveries on hold per day, users running into errors on signup per day, etc. It’s quite simple for us to whip up a new API endpoint for Geckoboard to talk with given the amount of documentation out there.

What I would really love is a “Mirrored” set of dashboards. I have different dashboards set up for daily, weekly, and monthly stats. However, when I make a change to one, I have to duplicate the same widget and just switch the time frames. It would be cool to have synchronized widgets that behave similarly across dashboards.



Hey everyone,

Preston here reporting from Freightquote as a Lead Senior UX Designer & Developer, and CTO of Quick Recruit Mobile LLC. Its a pleasure to be able to engage with so many other like minded individuals trying to solve similar problems throughout the technology sector.

It has been my pleasure to pioneer usage of the Gecko board platform for our CI (Continuous Integration) processes, Jira board updates, and day to day business intelligence events. It has made my life so much easier to aggregate our data into a single platform, which we can use for wallboard’s to show build statuses, server up time, etc.

We have engineered a MEAN stack API on our end to help bridge the gap between what Geckoboard had to offer at the time and what we needed. We employ many languages and being able to unify reporting on each has been quintessential to our adoption and success with Geckoboard here at Freightquote. One current challenge we are faced with is integration points with New Relic for our Dev Ops team here in Kansas City. Specifically trying to organize a dashboard and to pull alerting data for downtime, OOM errors, etc.

I look forward to sharing some of the methods we employ, as well as to learn some new tricks from you all on how your organization utilizes integration for better, more accurate reporting. Again it is my pleasure to be apart of the community and look forward to seeing it grow!



Hello friends!

Mattias, developer @ Spinit here.

I came in contact with Geckoboard when I started to work for a customer of ours that provide a set of subscription services. They use Geckoboard to live monitor how their telemarketing employees are performing, how attractive their website is and a lot of other metrics. We just started using it at Spinit as well, but we are still just touching the surface here.

Myself, I am a pretty big fan of the Custom Widget Api, and I’ve got some open source code for any .Net developers out there. My repository to easily push data to your custom widgets can be found here. I’m really sorry about the super-ugly name, and I have no idea what I was thinking when I named the nuget package PushApi, haha, but I’m willing to put some effort into changing that if anyone other than me find this code useful.

  • Mattias


Hello everyone,

I’m Farhad, Business Intelligence Analyst at WebsiteBox, www.websitebox.com, Real Estate Website and Application Provider.

We have been using Geckoboard to develop a variety of dashboards, covering both operational and strategical view on our data. We have used both Geckoboard’s ready-to-go widgets and also its custom widgets functionality which we have used a lot, especially integrated with Highchart.

Getting data from a variety of sources, from our tagged Online Marketing Campaigns to our internal transnational data, and displaying them on our Geckoboards Dashboards has been really a rewarding process for us.

Thanks for starting up this forum!



G’morning (or other timezone-appropriate greeting), everyone. I’m Troy Davis, chief janitor of Papertrail, a hosted log management service. I think about engineer-friendly operations tools all day, every day.

Luis at Geckoboard pointed me to the forum while I was improving Papertrail’s webhook-ish Geckoboard support, which I described here.

I’m cyberstalkable at troy.yort.com or @troyd.




Hey! I work at ChefSteps where I help out with analytics.

So far I’ve just built a stripe widget but I anticipate building a bunch more eg visualizing how various content that we’re producing is performing


Hi Everyone!

My name is Kev and I’m on the Customer Success team here at Geckoboard. I can’t say I know a ton about development but I have experimented with our Custom Widgets so I am familiar with the basics. I have a decent background in basic Front-End Development(HTML & CSS).

I’ll be poking around here and there on the community. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Happy Holidays!


Hi everyone,

My name is Joost Cassee, and I maintain django-geckoboard, a Django app that helps create custom Geckoboard widgets. I recently released a new version that brings compatibility with Django 1.9 and Python 3.

As I am currently not using django-geckoboard, the project is in maintenance mode, but I try to be responsive to contributions. I hope people find it useful!

– Joost


Hi guys, great to be here :slight_smile: I’m Vlad, from Copenhagen, working on product analytics and growth at GoMore.com
We’re building a p2p personal transportation service, one that actually allows people to make a decent buck.

I’ve been involved with marketing & analytics for a while and I’m at my 3rd company where I’m blasting numbers on the walls. We’re using geckoboard to keep our team informed and focused on how can they move the needle and sustain growth. I sometimes write bad code just to make something work, or until I can find a better solution. I know this is a dev-heavy forum, but I think there’s a place for “people like me” here who roll up their sleeves when a problem is presented and I hope to provide some value to the community and pay it forward

ps. I have a Borat accent, it’s hilarious yes?


Hey Vlad! I’m glad you’ve joined and I definitely agree that there’s a place for you here :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

I’m Ondrej, growth guy and co-founder at SatisMeter, a platform for collecting NPS and customer feedback inside web and mobile apps.

Most of our customers (mostly SaaS) watch the trend of their customer satisfaction very closely, many even have NPS among their KPIs. We built a Geckoboard integration to help their whole teams see this trend in real time and act on it.

Check it out in my first post in this forum: https://community.geckoboard.com/t/real-time-nps-with-satismeter-integration

If anybody has a question, message me at ondrej.sedlacek(at)satismeter.com, or just ask me here.

See you around,


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