Zendesk dashboard

Hey community, does anyone have any examples of a Zendesk dashboard? I am in the process of building one for our Support team, looking for best practices and inspo!

Hi @tannermike :wave:

We have a range of Customer Support dashboard examples on our website but also have a very cool speed-run video of building a Zendesk dashboard in just 7 minutes (below).

What are the goals of your Support team and which Zendesk products do they use? Whatever the case, I would suggest sharing the dashboard with the team and asking for feedback once you have built the first version - they’ll know best what they need to see.

Hope this helps :grin:

Further to :point_up_2: in terms of what metrics to put on your dashboard here are 10 commonly agreed important customer service metrics that can help you provide better service (assuming that’s the use-case for the dashboard) https://www.zendesk.com/blog/top-10-help-desk-metrics/ in terms of where to position them on the dashboard, we normally recommend to keep your most important ones top/left and the less important ones bottom/right (as that the way it would be “read”)

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